Discover a curated collection of local artistry in our online Art Gallery. From vibrant cityscapes to serene landscapes, each piece reflects our community's creative heartbeat. Purchase a piece that resonates with you and support our talented local artists. Explore the essence of our region through their captivating works.

Luke Caleb Lamar

Luke Lamar has sold his work across California, making waves in venues like Sotheby's after owning several Gallery spaces in Carmel CA. From the central coast of California, he melds oil painting with marble carving skills learned in the foothills of the tuscan landscape below Florence . His work, a blend of iconography and foundational layering has it’s roots in the Berkeley School of Expressionism. Lamar’s art roams between genres, mirroring the spirit of the times. Explore his latest project, "The Studio Interactive," an artistic haven in Ojai, California.

Jacqueline F. Moore

The balance of the unconscious and consciousness is the key to transcendence. Imagery is the language of the unconscious, making art a projective field. When looking at art, consciousness can explore the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise in reaction to the image. By being present with these reactions, the meaning of the unconscious can be integrated, thus healing psychic wounds, offering insight, and opening an opportunity for enlightenment.

David Harshada wagner

Mostly known as a meditation teacher, author, and spiritual guide, David Harshada Wagner is an abstract artist combining elements of New York School abstract expressionism with traditional hitzuzendo ink painting, collage, gold leafing, stitchery, and found object reclamation. His images are intended to be healing objects.He is inspired by the Japanese traditions of kintsugi pottery, (mending broken ceramics with gold infused lacquer), and boro(conspicuous patching, stitching, and mending of old textiles).Wagner studied photography, painting, drawing, and printmaking at Columbia College in Chicago and has spent a lifetime cultivating the practices of meditation, mindfulness, and radical self inquiry. A father of two, Wagner splits his time between Ojai, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Johanna Björk

Johanna Björkis a visual artist born and raised in Sweden, and currently based in Ojai, California. Her work is about shining a light on sometimes difficult topics — such as her experience as a young cancer survivor — but doing so through a lens of beauty and optimism. Because she strongly believes those two concepts are the most powerful conduits of transformation. She often uses her own body as the subject matter, in a way that is both exhibitionistic and vulnerable. Her work plays with the vernacular of pinup/centerfold photography, taking motifs that would traditionally be considered sexual but become subversive when you see the whole picture.There’s beauty and light to be found in everything. Instead of submitting to darkness, Björk chooses to see things through a positive lens — often incorporating shiny, bright, iridescent aspects into her work. Like a disco ball, but one where the shiny, dazzling exterior serves as a protective layer for something darker and more profound — akin to the hot, denseball of iron that forms the earth’s core

Johanna Björk