Discover a curated collection of local artistry in our online Art Gallery. From vibrant cityscapes to serene landscapes, each piece reflects our community's creative heartbeat. Purchase a piece that resonates with you and support our talented local artists. Explore the essence of our region through their captivating works.

Luke Caleb Lamar

Luke Lamar has sold his work across California, making waves in venues like Sotheby's after owning several Gallery spaces in Carmel CA. From the central coast of California, he melds oil painting with marble carving skills learned in the foothills of the tuscan landscape below Florence . His work, a blend of iconography and foundational layering has it’s roots in the Berkeley School of Expressionism. Lamar’s art roams between genres, mirroring the spirit of the times. Explore his latest project, "The Studio Interactive," an artistic haven in Ojai, California.

Patrick Fisher

I would describe my art as journal entries that give a glimpse into moments or memories, interactions and experiences. My process is more stream of consciousness rather than planned out, with a pull toward design. I’m heavily influenced by nature, although that doesn’t always show in my art work. I’d say my art is symbolic, nostalgic, philosophical, moody, childlike, and soulful. My art has been featured at galleries, stores and pop up exhibitions all over Ventura County and the Central Coast. I’m currently the Artist In Residence at The Studio Interactive.