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Jedi Experience: See the Unseen

Jedi Experience: See the Unseen

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Jedi Experience: See the unseen and embark on a creative journey to a galaxy far, far away deep within your mind. Channel your inner Jedi as you wield your paintbrush in flowing motions without the use of sight.

This wildly popular interactive builds a trust in your own flowing, freeform style by shutting down the inner critic so you can experience the freedom of self expression unhindered. Feel the Force flow through you as you blend colors, swoosh and slide like a Skywalker in the heights of unburdened artistry.

This experience can start with a splash before you dawn the Jedi goggles. Take moments to view your masterpiece along the way as your artistic Hands solo creativiely guides you through a universe of untapped potential and paint like you've never painted before with the Jedi Experience!

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