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Plein Aire

Plein Aire

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3 Day Workshop | includes materials & picnic lunches

Immerse yourself in our 3 day plein air workshop, where we'll paint the scenic Ojai landscape in the classic post-impressionist style, reminiscent of Van Gogh's timeless masterpieces. Led by a seasoned artist who has painted the beauty of Ojai for over 20 years, you'll explore the picturesque countryside, capturing nature's essence with vibrant colors and bold brushwork, learning from start to finish the exciting world of “alla prima” painting like the masters. Through daily discussions and demonstrations, you'll refine your skills in composition, color theory, and capturing natural light. Monet once famously described the impressionist style as “Chasing the Sun” which perfectly captures the heart of painting in wild in this refreshing style. Whether an experienced plein air artist or a beginner, this transformative experience will deepen your appreciation for art, nature, and the spirit of your personal artistic legacy. Join us in celebrating creativity amidst Ojai's sunlit fields.

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