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The O.G. : Splatter Paint EXP

The O.G. : Splatter Paint EXP

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The O.G. : Splatter Paint EXP: Dive into a world of colorful chaos as you unleash your inner artist! Grab a paintbrush and paint like a modern master as your guided through the splash, splatter drip and drizzle of the Jackson Pollock style that hurled the art world into the Modern American era.

Our original splatter paint experience has two stages. In our first stage, your artist guide will have balloons filled with a perfect palette of colors that you'll get to explode on your own custom canvas to create mesmerizing splatter patterns. In stage two you'll bust loose like Pollock himself as the paint flies letting spirits soar.

Let your imagination run wild and embrace the thrill of creating unique, abstract masterpieces like a modern abstract expressionist!!

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